Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Random Thoughts

I have been so horrible with blogging. Things have been moving way too fast to even think. It seems life is still crazy and getting crazier. I am having a random thoughts day so in the spirit of “killing two birds with one stone” I thought I would get them off my chest while still being able to click the “new post” in blogger.

1. Dating is probably the worst thing in life. Like, it’s unnatural. I am way too young to feel like this but I’m over it. Like, lets skip the first impressions and get to the real you and could we not do the “I have done this and this and this and this”. I really couldn’t care less. Please people stop trying to impress me with mediocre ish. And when I say mediocre ish: things you put on your resume is what I am referring to. And I really don’t need a thousand questions either. Can’t we just vibe and go off of each other’s energy and just be. (Hopefully with this upcoming date I will amend my position).

2. Drake needs a therapist. Seriously. Like, he still seems to be having the same inner demons he had two years ago. I’m all for expressions of emotions but Drake let’s get it together! I sincerely wish he would get that worked out instead of using his music as a soundboard and spreading his dysfunction. Ugh.

3. On second thought: Marvin’s room is kinda fly.

4. Sade is AMAZING. Think she may be my favorite artist. She is officially my girl crush. Her beauty comes from a place deeper than skin. If you get a chance check her out live!

5. I don’t know if I can stomach another year of law school. I am so over it that there are no words to accurately convey how done I am.

6. On second thought: This upcoming semester I am taking full advantage of this being my last chance to play like a kid! I will be skipping school frequently!

7. I wish I had gone to journalism school. This economy is no joke. And Lawyers have to be the most pretentious people in life.

8. Major Regret: basically telling someone that they could do better than their chosen career. It came from a genuine place but life has really made me want to encourage a person’s personal happiness regardless of what I want for their life. I hope every person finds what makes them happy. So many people are miserable in their careers we don't need anymore.

9. Otis Redding- Try a little tenderness has been a favorite of mine for years and I’m not sure how I feel about the sampling used by Jay-Z and Kanye. Eh.

10. Amy Winehouse. I can’t even deal. I can’t. There are no words. This hurts my soul, my spirit, my heart. I will always love you.

11. On drugs: I don’t use, however, I get it. Things have to be better in a hazy mindset. I get it. I really get it. I don’t condone it—I just understand. I wish people were more sympathetic to addicts.

12. Mistake: On a first date not being politically correct about addictions. DON’T ever say on a first date that addicts do that to themselves. You don’t know me or my sensitivities. Just a word of advice for everyone.


  1. So, I totally agree with all of this. Too bad we're not friends in real life, lol!