Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Musical Inspiration

The legal arena gets bleaker and bleaker by the second. I have finished two years of law school, interning at a legendary law firm and am in somewhat of a crisis about why on earth I choose to do this and what it will mean when I inevitably abandon this industry. To add insult to injury, I accompany my mother (also a dutiful member of legal hell)at her office at one in the morning as she prepares depositions for a trial beginning next week (she's been here since seven yesterday morning). So, In an attempt to brighten this bleak time in my life I thought I would do a short and simple post (quite the opposite of my typical posts) on something that makes me happy!

There are songs that I feel are perfect for spring/summer. I literally hear a song on the radio and label it by season. I get very nostalgic during the warmer months probably because some of my favorite memories took place in this season. Therefore, the songs that I label as warm weather songs are ones that make me feel good. I will include the YouTube link to each song. Enjoy.

1. Breathe- Telepopmusik

2. Anytime Anyplace- Janet Jackson

3. So Beautiful- Musiq Soulchild

4. Feeling Good-Nina Simone

5. 4 AM- Kaskade

6. Shut It Down- Drake

7. For Lovers Only- Maxwell

8. Symptom Unknown- Maxwell

9. Kiss of Life- Sade (FAVORITE!)

10. Lovestoned I think She Knows- Justin Timberlake

11. What Happened- Algebra

12. What You Need- The Weekend

13. Wicked Games- The Weekend

14. The Knowing- The Weekend

15. Actually the entire Weekend album!

16.Take off Your Cool- Norah Jones and Andre 3000

17. Everytime You Go Away- Brian McKnight

18. I love your Smile- Shanice

19. Digging on You- TLC

20. Blue in Green- Miles Davis

21. Tonight- Xscape

22. Complicated- Nivea

P.S. It's almost three...I'm still providing company (kinda)...mommy is still hard at work. Hopefully we will make it home by five.

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