Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nineteen ways to know you are the ultimate girly girl! (2010 Remix: Or the ultimate girly boy!)

Twenty was much too obvious

1.You paint your nails more than once a week and actually have fun doing it
2.You take bubble baths, with vogue magazine in one hand and wine in the other
3.You go to cupcake shops just because they are cute and you like the idea of it*
4.You brunch regularly because it’s cute and you like the idea of it **
5.You buy impractical shoes because they’ll look cute in your closet
6.You buy an apartment/house and one of the major assets of it is the closet
7.You pick an outfit based on a particular pair of shoes you want to wear
8.While wearing something ridiculously cute you contemplate whether a coat is going to compromise the outfit’s affect…it’s below thirty degrees out!
9.You’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada numerous times and every time still can’t wait for the part where Anne Hathaway becomes fashionably fabulous
10.You buy flowers for your house weekly
11.You scout restaurants not for amazing food but amazing ambiance
12.You grow out your eyebrows just so that you can get them shaped perfectly the next time you go
13.You get your eyebrows threaded because even with the earth shattering pain it’s so worth it
14.You like dogs that are purse size(i.e. yorkies)
15.You’ve had a facial/massage/pedicure spa day
16.You live by Mac products
17.You wear sundresses
18.You haven’t worn sneakers out (excluding the gym) in over two years
19.As you read this you nod and smile

*the cupcake shoppe in Raleigh is so cute!
**DC favorite brunch spot is Tabaq (so amazing and romantic!) and the one in North Carolina I won’t share because then you’ll know where to find me!

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  1. Exactly! You've described me! Smh. I'm so glad we are super cutesy fab women! Yay! Go us!
    Dani B.